About Us

Can I increase my plant growth naturally?

When the state of the world gets a bit muddled, a luscious pick me up from Mother Nature is a welcome wonder. Houseplants are little workhorses – they filter the air, release oxygen to clear the mind, improve indoor humidity for our skin, and their calming bouquets (think Lavender) can improve sleep and lift our spirits. Even science tells us that taking time to ponder nature, will increase our happiness and well-being!

But healthy plants don’t happen by chance. Strong, thriving plants need sun (a lot of sun), water, and nutrient-rich soil. Fertilizers put nutrients back into the soil, but they can be harsh on plants. 

Introducing Mirasand

Mirasand – primarily composed of silicon dioxide, redirects rays of sunlight off the sand, back onto your plants, helping them grow healthier faster. In fact, Mirasand helps plants grow, on average, 30% faster! Gardeners use Mirasand to increase overall yield; homeowners and home décor enthusiasts all love Mirasand, for the beautiful lush greenery it delivers to their living space.

We grew up in a gardening household, where decorative house plants were like pets. We strongly believe that plants in the house have an immensely positive effect on mood and well-being. There is nothing more sublime than watching our plants grow and thrive. It’s gratifying. We developed Mirasand, to help achieve that end goal. 

Zack and Roy, Mirasand Co-Founders