Your Plants Will Love You!

  • Reflecting Sunshine 🌞

    Mirasand acts like a magic mirror, sending sunlight back to your plant, giving it the extra sunshine it loves. It's like a sunny hug for your green friends! 🌿✨

  • Soil Superfood 🌱

    Mirasand isn't just for looks—it's the plant's secret food. It nourishes the soil, making it a perfect place for your plant to grow big and healthy. It's like a buffet for your garden! 🥗🌳

  • Oxygen Oasis 💨

    Mixing Mirasand with soil is like a breath of fresh air for your plant. The soil becomes well aerated and provides a comfy home for their roots to thrive. It's like giving your plant the breath of life🌬️🏡

  • Gnat Guardian 🛡️

    Mirasand is your plant's superhero shield, keeping fungus gnats away. It's like a protective force field for your garden, so your plants can grow happily without any unwanted guests. Goodbye, pesky gnats! 🦟✨

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Where Is Mirasand Made?

Mirasand is proudly made in Canada.

How Much Mirasand do I Need For My Plant?

To maximize the benefit of Mirasand, cover the soil of your plants to enable the reflective ability of this product. Refer to the product guide on the purchasing page.

When Will My Product Be Shipped?

All orders ship within 1-2 business days. Once your package has shipped, you will receive an email with shipping confirmation.

Is It Safe For My Plants?

Mirasand is 100% safe for all plants. Including fruits, vegetables, and herbs.