Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & Orders 

When will my product be shipped? 

  • All orders ship within 1-2 business days. Once your package has shipped, you will receive an email with shipping confirmation.

How do I change my order?

  • Please email us at with your order number & requested changes.

How do I cancel my order?

  • If you are not satisfied with your purchased product, please refer to our Shipping & Return Policy. The return policy only applies to purchases made on our site.

  • If you purchased Mirasand from another retailer, whether it be online, in  person, or third party reseller, please contact them directly for returns.

Mirasand Product Questions

Where is Mirasand made? 

  • Mirasand is proudly made in Canada.

What is Mirasand made of?

  • Mirasand is made of high-grade silica sand, composed of 99.75% silicon dioxide. This aggregate is used to cover the surface of plant soil. It is refined, washed from organic impurities, and magnetically separated.

How does it work?

  • Silica sand reflects natural light on to the plant, accelerating the growth process of plants by an average of 30% in uncontrolled environments.

How much Mirasand do I need for my plants?

To maximize the benefit of Mirasand, cover the soil of your plants to enable the reflective ability of this product. Refer to the product guide below.  

Outdoor gardens:

  • 0.50 kg for a 1.5 sq. feet surface
  • 1.00 kg for a 3 sq. feet surface
  • 2.00 kg for a 6 sq. feet surface
Potted Plants
  • 0.20 kg for a 10-inch potted plant
  • 0.40 kg for a 14-inch potted plant
  • 0.50 kg for a 16-inch potted plant
  • 0.65 kg for a 18-inch potted plant
  • 1.15 kg for a 24-inch potted plant
  • 1.78 kg for a 30-inch potted plant

Is it safe for my plants? 

  • Mirasand is 100% safe for all plants. 

Is it pet-friendly? 

  • Being composed of Silicon Dioxide, Mirasand is not toxic for animals. However, it may be a choking hazard, so we don't recommend eating it!